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Mandatory to furnish PAN card details
New Delhi-Govt will in near future make it mandatory to furnish PAN card details for cash transactions beyond a certain threshold to check generation of domestic black money, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.In a Facebook post,Jaitley said the monitoring regime of the income tax department has been strengthened.Its ability to detect large cash withdrawals, or large cash transactions which enter the system, is being strengthened.He added that the bulk of black money was within India itself. No society can indefinitely sustain a system where..

Govt committed for favourable conditions for business and industry
Bengaluru-PM Modi said his govet has taken decisive steps to remove long-pending concerns of investors. Speaking at Indo-German Summit in Bengaluru, Mr Modi said his government has been working very hard to make India a global manufacturing hub.Mr Modi said the government is committed to create favourable conditions for business and industry. Mr. Modi said government has fast tracked approvals and clearances for industry and infrastructure.Modi said FDI inflows have gone up by 40 per cent this fiscal year.

Economy of the world passing through period of slow growth-Rajan
Colombo- Reserve Bank of India chief Mr Raghuram Rajan has said that the world economy is passing through a period of slow growth that will have an adverse impact by generating political tensions in many countries of the world. Delivering the 65th Anniversary Oration at Sri Lanka's Central Bank in Colombo on the theme 'The Global Financial System and Rules of the Game', RBI chief said that although there there are few areas of robust growth around the world, the present period of slow growth is particularly dangerous as there is pressure for growth in different..

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