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Kali Dal Makhni in punjabi style Wash the soaked gram and kidney beans and discard the water in which they were soaked. Put them into a pressure cooker along with the water, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and half the quantity of the following items: chopped onion(s), garlic, ginger, and whole red chilli(es). Close the cooker and bring to maximum pressure on high heat. Now, reduce the heat. Cook on low heat...

Vegetable Curry in Goan style Parboil the chopped vegetables and keep aside. Heat half the quantity of butter / ghee (clarified butter) in a pan on medium level till it is hot. Add the chopped onion(s). Saute on medium heat for 4 minutes or till the onions are transparent and soft. Now, add the chopped ginger, garlic and green chilli(es). Stir fry briefly for a few seconds. Let it cool. Grind this to a fine paste. Keep aside. Heat the remaining quantity of...

Indian Cooking Recipe : Kofta Biryani Make a paste of cabuli chana, ginger, green chilly and salt. Now add mozzarella cheese & two pieces of bread to the mixture and make dough. Make small balls and bake it in oven at 350C for 30 minutes. Heat a pan and add oil. Fry onions add tomato, jeera garlic ginger paste, chilly powder, turmeric powder and biryani masala. Fry the masala then add water, bring it to boil.At the end add baked cabuli chana koftas, cook..

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