Saturday 20th of April 2019 04:38:48 AM  Agra

I am personally touched by the story of 72 Miles film - Akshay Kumar

72 Miles Ek Pravas, which is the duo's debut into Marathi film production has been making waves with its conceptual excellence and moving screenplay. A hard-hitting, poignant tale of a young boy who makes his journey into self-actualisation against the backdrop of a rustic India, 72 Miles Ek Pravas explores a beautiful, coming of age journey for the 13 year old boy Ashok and the relationships he makes through his journey. Akshay and Ashvini are confident that their film will touch the hearts of audiences and give them a visual introspect of Ashok Vhatkar’s autobiography. Inspired from the novel with the same name, 72 Miles Ek Pravas explores the impact of a woman named Raddhakka on protagonist Ashok.

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