Saturday 20th of April 2019 05:02:05 AM  Agra

"Kumarajiva: Philosopher and Seer"

Buddhist savants who traveled from India to China and from China to India have contributed to the evolution of Sino–Indian cultural relations in the classical age. They contributed not only to the spread of Buddhism but also to an understanding of social and economic relations, as torchbearers of Indian civilization to Central Asia and China. Unfortunately ancient records of India are silent about them but there are a large number of documents preserved in Chinese and Central Asian languages. Only a few Chinese records are so far discovered narrating the lives and works of Indian monks in China. One such record is the Gao Seng Chuan (Biographies of eminent monks) and another important work is the Kuang hungming chi (Seng chao’s obituaries). One of the eminent scholars was Kumarajiva, who broke political, geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers with a long cherished mission: propagation of the true spirit of Buddhism.

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