Saturday 20th of April 2019 05:02:14 AM  Agra

Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy and Environment: Need of the Hour

The process of Industrial growth plays a vital role in economic development, but any Industrial growth seems to go hand-in-hand with environmental deterioration. Several decades of applying the conventional methods to reduce environmental damage has proved to be just treating the symptoms, the world is suffering from disease of environmental damage and a fear of getting it chronic is a possibility. It is high time to combine technological solutions to overcome urgent pollution problems with ways to prevent wastes from being generated or to reuse their valuable material. We, in India, are mindful of this growing problem and have started interventions in form of awareness and practical solutions to reduce the impact of environmental degradation. To reinforce this belief, National Productivity Council, under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, is celebrating Productivity Week from 12th to 18th February, 2011 with a theme ‘Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy and Environment’. The Productivity Week will revolve around the core concept of ‘Green Productivity (GP)

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