Saturday 20th of April 2019 04:42:21 AM  Agra

Civil Aviation in India

'Indian Civil Aviation' completes 100 years in the year 2011. On February 18, 1911, the first commercial plane flew in India between Allahabad and Naini carrying mails. To commemorate this milestone, "the year 2011-12 is being declared and celebrated as the "Civil Aviation Centenary Year". 'Civil aviation in India' has grown manifold and today India is the ninth largest aviation market in the world. The economic slowdown of the year 2008-09 had affected the airline industry as well. However, unfazed by the reverses of the year 2009 there has been robust growth in terms of aircraft movement and passengers handled in the year 2010. The growth rate has been 3.4 per cent in respect of aircraft movement and 16.2 per cent in respect of overall passenger movement during the year 2010 as compared to the year 2009. The passengers carried by domestic airlines from January November 2010 has been 468.09 lakhs as against 393.53 lakhs in the corresponding period of the year 2009 thereby registering growth of +18.9 per cent. Cargo has grown by 26.9 per cent in the year 2010 as compared to the previous year.

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